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I am a sunshine coast DJ that specializes in weddings. I aim to provide you with the best sound at all times. I assist with timekeeping, I read the crowd throughout the whole event, I can make announcements and communicate with staff, suppliers and guests to ensure everything is going to plan so you won’t have to. I make adjustments to the volume levels to suit all guests and play more of the music your guests seem to enjoy. My priority is your enjoyment.


Many celebrants come equipped with a PA to address your guests throughout the ceremony proceedings. You will find that most celebrants will also play your special song as you walk down the aisle and during other key moments. Many celebrants are solo operators and getting a DJ to assist with the music can make your ceremony run a lot smoother. I will play music as your guests are gathering before the ceremony and play your special music during the ceremony and as your guests celebrate for some time afterward. Find out more about how I can assist you with your ceremony.

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Your reception is a journey your guests will take through your world. They will meet key people that make your life special, hear about all the good things that make you who you are during the speeches and watch as take your partners hand to begin your first dance as husband and wife and begin a new journey together.



When you make a booking with me as your DJ you also have the option to choose me to be your MC. There are many times when you might want to address your audience and although you have a friend in mind to play the role of MC at your wedding, having a DJ to assist with the task is very worthwhile. Have your friend or family member take care of only the special moments and let me inform your guests on when and how to be prepared before a special moment happens.


I will create a unique playlist influenced by your music choices. You can provide me with song suggestions and requests and I will play them at the times that are best suited. Keep people bubbly and delighted as they await your entrance with some upbeat acoustic music or stripped back EDM. Once it has been announced that you have entered the room its a good idea to keep that high energy excitement up with some upbeat classic love songs before people are seated. Once people are seated I then begin to play more relaxed classics that can trigger warm memories and good feelings during dinner and prepare people for some meaningful speeches.


It’s important to consider everyone at a wedding and although many couples arrange sitters and child minders for the occasion, keeping kids entertained isn’t as hard as you think. Kids love to dress up and be a little bit fancy and there is no better place to try this out than at a wedding. It’s exciting when the bridal party arrives and after the entrance is a great time to open the dance floor for the little ones. This is a time when guests are still up standing and cocktail music is generally upbeat and happy also. For some watching the children enjoy the dance floor is a spectacle in itself. This also allows the children to shake off any excess energy before they sit down for dinner. I am a wedding DJ that holds a blue card and performs at school discos and at kids parties. Consider organising a sitter to entertain the children during the speeches.


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