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I am a sunshine coast DJ that specializes in providing music for weddings including the ceremony. I will take care of the music while your celebrant can focus on the ceremony. On cue to play all the important songs as you walk down the aisle, sign the register, and celebrate becoming a couple and more. I setup to play music before the ceremony begins and after the proceedings as your guests celebrate with you and your photographer begins group photos.

Your Ceremony.

Many celebrants come equipped with a PA to address your guests throughout the ceremony proceedings. You will find that most celebrants will also play your special song as you walk down the aisle and during other key moments. Many celebrants are solo operators and getting a DJ to assist with the music can make your ceremony run a lot smoother. I will play music as your guests are gathering before the ceremony and play your special music during the ceremony then once again as your guests celebrate for some time afterward.

Ceremony DJ Point of View at Maleny Manor

Before your ceremony.

How would you like your guests to feel as they begin to assemble before your ceremony begins. Some welcoming music will let your guests know that the ball is in motion and the flow of events has began. An acoustic live set by a solo or duo artist can accent this period quite well however sometimes the space you have might not allow for it and a live artist can draw attention away from the focus point of the ceremony. Light and warm acoustic is very fitting for the gathering of guests as they calm their nerves and settle in for what’s to come. When the music stops this generally this acts as a cue for your guests to listen carefully for a moment for your celebrant to open the microphone and ask your guests to assemble for the commencement of your ceremony, a more eloquent way to begin.

During your ceremony


Although many celebrants are happy to assist you with being able to play your selected songs for special moments during your ceremony having a DJ assist with this task will allow your celebrant to focus exclusively on conducting the event. As a DJ I will operate and cue the music as your celebrant makes the call making the event go ahead seamlessly.

Following the ceremony.

Guests will generally linger for a little while and enjoy a refreshment while the photographer organises some group photos. As a DJ I will usually play music for an additional 30 minuets before moving my setup closer to the venue to continue playing cocktail style music outside before doors open for the reception to commence. After the ceremony its very fitting to play some happy upbeat pop love songs.

What you can expect.

Let’s discuss your ceremony in detail and I will prepare a schedule to incorporate the preparation music set to play at specific cue points to highlight each special moment. I will provide you with a document for confirmation to ensure that I can deliver a precise service. *Ceremony Service is only available with a reception booking.

  • Sound System specially designed for Ceremonies
  • Onsite or offsite Locations.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Arrival & Setup 1.5 hrs to commencement.
  • Prelude/Seating Music as guests arrive​.
  • Musical Highlights for: Bridal Party Entrance, Walking down the Isle, Signing of the Register & conclusion of the ceremony.
  • Music to follow the conclusion of the ceremony​.
  • Flexible and unique planning assistance.
  • Your Music Choices to suit your timetable.


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